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RotoKing™ Agriculture Laser Land Leveler

We provide a wide array of Agriculture Laser Land Leveler in varying leveling options. The modern technology based leveler are efficient in working in atmospheric condition of high temperature, humidity and in the dusty environment. The high grade Agriculure Laser Land Level makes ground leveling faster, cheaper and easier. The leveler is best know for weed control, time saving, land saving, energy saving and effective use of nutrients. We manufacture both standard and customized products that meet the universal leveling application in various farming lands. Agriculture Laser Land Leveler is the one of the most commonly used agriculture based equipment employed by Indian farmers. And we are well known in the Indian agricultural industry as one of the reliable and trusted supplier of equipment used in various agricultural processes.

A complete solution for precision leveling is an innovative technology such as Laser Transmitter, Laser Receiver, Control Box and Bucket Scrapper, Hydraulic Cylinder, Automatic Double Acting Hydraulic Valve, Grade Rod, Tripod etc. from Technosys World, New Delhi, INDIA.

Features of Leveler

LION Machine Control

With the added Slope and Indications, your grading and excavating accuracies are tighter than ever with Lion's System.
Compatible with Lion's family of Control Boxes, the Receiver can also be used in “automatic” mode to-hydraulically control the elevation and/or the slope of the cutting edge. This takes your production and materials savings up to a whole new level.

SPECIFICATIONS of Laser Plane Receiver:

Lion’s Machine Control is a complete machine control package control box, with an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn operator interface. In addition, the Lion’s hydraulics provide the world's smoothest, most consistent response; and its slope sensor allows the world's highest slope capabilities (up to 100%) for precise material control on every job. Our System provides increased accuracy and reliability for higher.