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RotoKing™ Plant Vital

Plant Vital is a stress measuring device that is used to keep a controlled measurement of the plant behaviors in the agricultural land. The equipment is specifically used to measure the net production of oxygen during photosynthesis by plants. It is a digitally controlled device that can efficiently detect, control and operates all other parameters depending upon the oxygen balance. The device is portable, simple to operate and efficient to produce quick results. The equipment is vital in measuring the impact of environmental contaminants, climate, location, Agrochemicals to plants. It detects the optimum growth condition for plants.

The equipment is the one of the vital equipment used in Indian farming to support practices like breeding, fertilizing and protecting plants in agricultural land, forest areas, landscapes, horticulture, and ensures climatic protection with the help of scientifically proven methodologies. Plant Vital measures the amount of oxygen produced and consumed during photosynthesis and respiration respectively. It consist of a temperature stabilization unit regulated by one, two, or three channels divided into two parts an operating part and the oxygen sensor. The equipment can detect the stress level of the plant using only a small drop of the plant extract or Plant Vital nutrients. To analyze one target result plant vital takes only 15 to 20 minutes time. If you have multiple target need to be analyzed once it is recommended to purchase the device with three measuring channel.

Features of Plant Vital

Technical Specification: